East Carlton Health Walking Group


A Health Walking Group does exactly what the name suggests - aims to improve the fitness and general health of it's members by employing that most natural and beneficial of low-impact exercises - walking!
We meet twice a week (Monday and Wednesday at 11.00) at East Carlton Country Park for a brisk walk around the pretty villages of Middleton and Cottingham, taking in some amazing views along the Jurassic Way.
The group has 40-50 regular walkers; all walks are led by trained leaders, so you can be sure you will be looked after on the walk.  Everyone is welcome, as the group is aimed at all fitness levels; the walk is simply designed to help improve your health by making an enjoyable pastime a regular event.  The impact on health will depend on the person, how often they walk and how intense the walk is, but brisk, purposeful walking is proven to be beneficial to cardiovascular health (the heart).
Friendship and fun are our motto, whilst improving our fitness levels, so we always end our walks with a chat over a cup of tea or coffee at the café.
Additional walks away from the Park are organised on the first Wednesday and the third Monday of every month, so the group can enjoy a change of scenery and different walking routes and situations.
For more information about our Health Walks, call Suzanne Preston on 01536 463177 or simply turn up on the day – you’ll be guaranteed a friendly welcome!