Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely anyone and everyone - there are walks in the programme for all ages and ability levels.  Read the description of the walks, decide which you think are right for you and come along.

Only what you would expect for a walk as described in the programme; good, supportive footwear, waterproofs if the forecast is for rain, water and maybe a snack if you are entering one of the longer walks - all common sense really, and all things that most people would have to hand.

There is no cost for taking part in a walk;  Lakelands Hospice will be collecting voluntary donations after every walk, but there is no charge.

As many as you like - there are no restrictions.

Generally - yes.  Some walks will be more suitable than others, and the walk leader's decision is final - but as long as they are well-behaved and on leads where necessary, there is no reason why your dog should not enjoy a walk as well!

Trained walk leaders will be in charge of every walk.

No, just turn up on the day at the starting point; try to be there at least 15 minutes before the walk departs, to enable registration and receive a briefing on the walk ahead.